Thursday, July 5, 2012

Saari Residence, Kone Foundation in Helsinki, Finland

Call for applications

The Saari Residence is maintained by the Kone Foundation and hosts both artists and researchers. Artists of all artistic forms as well as researchers working under a Kone Foundation grant are eligible for residency. During the summer, the Manor is reserved for the use of artist groups.

The Saari Residence offers artists and researchers the opportunity for peace and tranquillity, and the possibility to focus on their creative work undisturbed. The Saari Residence's historical surroundings and peaceful location near a nature reserve and bird wetlands help to fade away all distractions.

Artists and researchers also encounter each other at the Saari Residence. From September to April, eight artists and researchers of all different disciplines work at the residence for two-month periods at a time. Consequently, opportunities for interaction between these often very different residents abound as does the possibility for breaking the boundaries between their disciplines.

Who can apply?
Two month residencies are intended for individual artists, translators and critics of all different disciplines and all nationalities for the purpose of carrying out a project proposal presented in advance.

Collectives such as community and environmental artists, independent theatre groups and others can apply for 1 to 4 week residencies at Saari Residence to carry out the work proposed in their application.

Researchers and nonfiction writers supported by Kone Foundation are also eligible for residency. Such applicants need not undergo the normal application process for residency and should instead contact Saari Residence Executive Director Hanna Nurminen by email to discuss the possibility of staying at the residence (hanna.nurminen(at)

Residency periods
Applications are for residencies for the following year. Residency periods for individual artists, translators, critics and researchers take place either from January to April or from September to December.
Group residencies take place during the months of May, June, July and August.

Individual Residencies
Two month residencies are intended for individual artists, translators and critics of all different disciplines and all nationalities for the purpose of carrying out a project proposal presented in advance.

For each two-month residency period, the aim is to choose a variety of different artists: both Finnish and foreign artists, artists representing different art forms as well as both young and more experienced artists. Another central criterion is that the artist's work is regenerative and current. The objective is to have a portion of the artists represent new or marginal art forms.

Akademie Schloss Solitude Residency Program


For the fourteenth time, Akademie Schloss Solitude is granting  approx. 70 residency fellowships of three to twelve months in duration. More than 1.000 artists from around 100 countries have developed and advanced projects at the Akademie since its opening in 1990, creating a close-knit, global network of Solitude alumni that expands from year to year. The Akademie persues an intense exchange between artistic and scientific disciplines. With the art, science & business program the transfer of knowledge and experience between the arts, the sciences and economics can be deepened to create new synergies of creativity, inventiveness and management.

International artists are invited to apply from the following disciplines:  Architecture (design, landscape architecture, urban planning), Visual Arts (including performance art), Performing Arts (stage design, dramatic texts, dramaturgy, musical theater, performance, direction, drama, dance), Design (fashion, costume, product and furniture design, visual communication), Literature (essay, criticism, poetry, prose, translation), Music/Sound (interpretation, sound installation, sound performance, composition) and Video/Film/New Media (including video installation, fiction and documentary). Furthermore, scholars, scientists and professionals from the disciplines of the Humanities (including social sciences), Exact Sciences (with this year‘s focus on computer science, human computer interaction, electrical engineering, information systems, information science, and free and open source software), Economy/Economics and Chess are invited to apply.

Persons up to 35 or if older who have completed a university or college degree within the past five years are welcome to apply. Currently enrolled university or college students (at the time of application) will not be considered for selection. Each fellowship recipient is granted Euro 1,100 per month, in addition to free lodging. The independent jury consists of a jury chairperson and eleven specialist jurors who independently allocate the fellowships for their respective disciplines.

The jurors for this year's application round are:  Raqs: Jeebesh Bagchi, Monica Narula & Shuddhabrata Sengupta (Visual Arts), Eyal Weizman (Architecture), Bojana Cvejic (Performing Arts), Saâdane Afif (Design), Maxi Obexer (Literature), N. N. (Music/Sound) und Jean-Pierre Rehm (Video/Film/New Media). For the art, science & business program: Sarat Maharaj (Humanities), Seda Gürses (Exact Sciences) Akseli Virtanen (Economy/Economics) und Enrique Irazoqui (Chess).

Application deadline is Wednesday, October 31, 2012 (Postmark). As of July 2 (0.00 CET), application forms can ONLY be downloaded from the application website