Friday, December 14, 2012

Executive Assistant - Lillian Heidenberg Fine Art

From Lyndsea Cherkasky (MFA 2007):

I am leaving my job as executive assistant at Lillian Heidenberg Fine Art and Lillian and I am trying to find someone to replace me. I have worked for her for a year and a half and am leaving on good terms, I just need to find someone to replace me! Time is of the essence because I must train someone before I leave at the end of January

The job is three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday with Wednesday being a half day). The person hired would be assisting Lillian with all parts of her business. It is a lot of multi-tasking and is best suited for someone who is able to concentrate on many things at once. There are many emails and phone calls, as well as managing her art collection, writing invoices, arranging shipping, ect.

Applicants can contact Lillian Heidenberg at with their resume.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Berlin Residency for Academy Alumni

The goal of this project is to provide residence for three NYAA alumni in Berlin. The work produced during this residency will included together the three NYAA residents, two other NYAA alumni living in Berlin (Peter Simon Mühlhäußer and Amber Sena), and 5 Graduates from the Kunsthochschule Weißensee in a selected group showing.
The exhibition will be held during the well-known „Gallery Weekend“ at the end of April 2013 and will take place at a Pavillon in Gertrud Kolmar Str.14 right beside the US- Embassy and in close proximity to the Brandenburger Gate, the Holocaust Memorial and the Tiergarten. This location is as well in close range of the main Berlin gallery districts of Auguststrasse.
Aerial view: Upper middle, Brandenburger Gate with the US Embassy below

This residency will provide exposure for  the 10 exhibited emerging artists, along with the cultural exchange and interaction between the two Art Institutes. The general focus of this project is the artistic merge of the New York and Berlin Artworld.
Organized by:
janinebeangallery, Berlin:            Janine Bean, Matthias Bergemann
Artist:                                                  Peter Simon Mühlhäußer
This committee along with their partner Yinon Cohen, will provide studio spaces at Katzbachstraße for the three artists in residence and their basic housing needs.
The committee will organize the exhibition in the Pavillion and produce a printed calalog for it.
Schedule for the Residence:
 The three-month residency will run from mid-February until the beginning of May. It will include a 1,500 sq ft Studio space and basic living for the three NYAA residents at Katzbachstraße 18 location in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The work produced by the artists during this time will be exhibited for three weeks at the Pavilion location at Gertrud-Kolmar-Str. 14 (on the corner of Hannah-Arendt-Straße).
The housing will be provided within an apartment above the resident studios at the Katzbachstr. The Apartment will only provide free basic housing. (If more than basic needs for simple housing is requested by the selected residents, the committee will help with finding suitable accommodation at the lowest price possible.) The Organization will help provide for special needs and support if necessary.
The location of the Studio is in Berlin-Kreuzberg, which is a new artist neighborhood in the city’s center. There are shops, bars and cafes within walking distance, and a good connection to public transportation.
The exhibition will open during Gallery Weekend, which is the main art event in the Berlin Gallery schedule.
Schedule :
Studio/ Living at Katzbachstraße: mid- February to the beginning of May
Exhibition: April 26th 2013 – May 18th 2013
Opening:  April 26th 2013
Sponsors and Supporters (as of now):
René Jorde (Pavillon Gertrud Kolmar Str. 14), Yinon Cohen (Studio/ Living Katzbachstr. 18), janinebeangallery, Peter-Simon Mühlhäußer
Second floor of Pavillion

View from Gerude Kolmar Street looking towards to US Embassy
View from the Pavillion patio looking over the Holocaust Memorial towards Tiergarten
Application Guidelines:
- Applications due January 1 at 6pm.
- 5 images of current work (no older than 2 years)
  • 3D works may include additional detail/installation shots.
  • Files must be 72 dpi and no more than 600 pixels on its largest side.
- CV
- Written proposal no more than one page in length. Explain what you want to accomplish during the residency and describe the work you plan to make.
- Most media welcome: drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, video. A printmaking facility is not available.
- Please email images, CV and proposal to
- Selected artists will be notified approximately one week after deadline