Friday, December 14, 2012

Executive Assistant - Lillian Heidenberg Fine Art

From Lyndsea Cherkasky (MFA 2007):

I am leaving my job as executive assistant at Lillian Heidenberg Fine Art and Lillian and I am trying to find someone to replace me. I have worked for her for a year and a half and am leaving on good terms, I just need to find someone to replace me! Time is of the essence because I must train someone before I leave at the end of January

The job is three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday with Wednesday being a half day). The person hired would be assisting Lillian with all parts of her business. It is a lot of multi-tasking and is best suited for someone who is able to concentrate on many things at once. There are many emails and phone calls, as well as managing her art collection, writing invoices, arranging shipping, ect.

Applicants can contact Lillian Heidenberg at with their resume.