Thursday, August 14, 2014

Barre Sculpture Studios Internship

Barre Sculpture Studios, a stone carving studio in Barre, Vermont with a strong base in traditional figurative/representational work, seeks intern to begin September 1st for 2-3 months. 

Though we work primarily in granite, at the moment we have two clay modeling jobs to be cast in bronze that need to be completed alongside a demanding stone carving workload. An over life sized Alexander Hamilton that has already been enlarged and needs finishing/detail, with special attention to drapery and colonial dress (frock coat, leggings, loafers, vest, etc.) The figure is made out of grey Klean Clay (oil based) The foundry where the figure will be cast is in Rutland, VT. This will be the main focus of the internship. A 1/3 sized seated figure that is nearly complete with an emphasis on achieving a likeness in the portrait. This will also need to be copied and cast, so proficiency in mold making is a plus. (see attached photos)We will also ask that applicants do minor organization work throughout the shop that wouldn't exceed 3-4 hours/week. In addition to clay modeling, applicants will be exposed to tools and techniques of the stone carving trade at a professional level in one of Barre's premier stone carving studios. We have ample stone to practice on if students are interested in exploring stone carving on their own time.

Monthly pay will begin at $1,000 per month depending on experience.  We will supply a room conveniently located directly around the corner from the shop, (406 N. Main St. Barre, VT) which is in a two bedroom that is just a 5 min. walk from downtown Barre City. Apartment comes with one parking spot, trash removal, no internet/cable, washing machine not included, but laundromat is located across the street. Utilities not included (to be split with roommate) and internet is negotiable with roommate. Roommate is a 21 year old female who works locally and is very nice.

To Apply:
§  Email portfolio and CV to Sean Williams
§  Applicant's portfolio should include: Photos of figurative work with examples of portraiture, knowledge of anatomy, knowledge of drapery/clothed figures, and any other relevant experiences in mold making, stone carving, foundry work, etc. 
§  Applicants are encouraged to visit the studio prior to their acceptance and will be accommodated during their stay in Vermont.  

Yonkers' Open Call for Urban Art

Yonkers' Open Call for Urban Art is a call to artists to submit their work for exhibition in storefronts and outdoor murals in Yonkers' Downtown Waterfront District. In collaboration with Mayor Mike Spano, the City's Department of Planning & Development, Community Engagement Through the Arts, Blue Door Gallery, and the Yonkers Downtown Waterfront Business Improvement District, Yonkers' Open Call for Urban Art will connect residents and visitors with original artwork, showcase creativity and continue the revitalization of Yonkers' growing Downtown Waterfront. Please visit the Yonkers' Open Call for Urban Art website for information on how to submit a proposal.