Friday, October 28, 2011

Civitella Ranieri Foundation 2- Internship

2012 dates are as follows:

May 2 – June 8
June 12 – July 25
August 7 – September 14
September 19 – November 6

Role and Responsibilities:

- preparing rooms and equipment for Fellows’ arrival
- picking up and dropping off Fellows and Guests at train stations, bus stations and airports
- giving orientation information
- assisting Fellows (visual artists, writers and composers) in their work
- running errands
- greeting guests and giving tours of the Castle to visitors
- general office work and assistance
- preparing for events, including technical assistance and cleaning up
- communicating with the kitchen for meal planning
- helping to clear tables and set up for receptions
- re-shelving and cataloguing books, videos and DVDs in the Library
- cataloguing and organizing the art collection for the Civitella Gallery
- planning, researching and presenting historical and cultural information for field trips
- general assistance to the Executive Director, Fellows’ Coordinator, and Office Manager