Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Georgia Fee Artist/Writer Residency in Paris

The Georgia Fee Artist/Writer Residency has been established in memory of ArtSlant's Founder who passed away December 8th, 2012. Georgia was dedicated to supporting and investing in young artists and writers, and she had a deep connection with the city of Paris. This residency, which offers artists and writers the opportunity to create work in Paris, has been created in Georgia's memory.
The goal of the Georgia Fee Artist/Writer Residency in Paris is to support and invest in emerging artists and writers, to provide an opportunity for them to advance their work and explore and engage with the cultural landscape of Paris, to encourage experimentation, and to increase exposure of their work to an international audience.
The Residency is open to visual artists of all mediums, art writers, critics, poets, and creative writers, 24 years or older. Recent graduates are especially encouraged to apply. The selection will be made based on the merit of past work and the potential for future success, the ability to independently develop new work, and the proposed project's relevance to the city of Paris. Recipients will be required to maintain a blog, which will be posted on ArtSlant.
The Georgia Fee Artist/Writer Residency in Paris provides the recipient with lodging for 2 months in an apartment in the 14th arrondissement, travel to and from Paris, and a stipend to be used for studio space, materials, and other costs.
How to Apply
Applications will be evaluated based on the quality of work present on the applicant's ArtSlant profile, as well as the content of the application's written materials. 
Artists can upload images of their work onto their profile slideshow for consideration, while writers can add samples of their writing as reader reviews on ArtSlant, or onto their profile blog. For information on how to start your free ArtSlant profile, visit our guide here ; Building your professional profile  ; How to edit your profile, add blogs and images ; How to enter a review ; More FAQ’s available here.
To enter: Go to your profile. To the right of your profile, under MANAGE MY PROFILE, click on apply to residency. Enter and save your application materials in the fields provided. You may save and edit your application materials as many times as you wish before submitting. Once your materials have been submitted, they cannot be altered. You may, however, continue building your portfolio on your ArtSlant profile after submitting your application's written materials. Be advised that applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis, so it is recommended that the applicant's profile is in a polished and presentable state when written application materials are submitted.
Submission Guidelines
Candidates must submit:
  • A professional CV
  • A statement of intent
  • 2 references
  • A $25 administrative fee
  • All submissions must be made through the candidate's ArtSlant profile.
The application period is open from March 1 to March 31, 2013. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted by April 5th and an interview will be arranged (by phone or Skype). We will announce the recipient of the Georgia Fee Artist/Writer Residency on April 20th. The residency takes place during the months of July and August, 2013.