Monday, October 14, 2013

Open Sessions at the Drawing Center

The Drawing Center is pleased to announce Open Sessions, a new program created by Lisa Sigal and Nova Benway, Open Sessions Curators. Open Sessions is a platform for selected artists to find new approaches for contextualizing and exhibiting their work, through conversation, public programs, and gallery installations. The artists selected for Open Sessions may or may not draw as their primary means of art-making. Rather, Open Sessions will foster a dynamic, ever-evolving conversation with new drawing practices and practitioners, viewing drawing as an activity rather than a product. We understand drawing as a practice both concrete and metaphorical; a space for assertion, conjecture and digression. All programming will be developed in conjunction with Drawing Center staff, around the key questions, ideas and approaches that concern the selected artists.

Open Sessions is a two year program of occasional events, described below. The content for all Open Sessions programs will come directly from the participating artists, so applicants should be interested in an ongoing dialogue with their peers, though it is not necessary that they participate in every program. Installations and/or programs will be held approximately bi-monthly throughout the year, schedule TBD. We are open to considering applications from artists who will be in New York for only a portion of the two years.  Applicants will be notified of their acceptance by January 15. Open Sessions will begin in early February.
Open Sessions artists will stage several installations in the Lab gallery, each in association with a public panel discussion or other program. At the end of the two years, a Main Gallery exhibition will present accumulated knowledge and/or questions generated by the artists during their time in Open Sessions. Open Sessions will also seek to forge alliances with partner institutions to expand the audience demographics and exhibition platforms.

Curator and Fellows
In addition to the Open Sessions Curators, each year four artists are selected as Open Sessions Fellows. The 2014 Fellows are Kamrooz Aram, Nathan Carter, Emilie Clark, and E.V. Day. Fellows will lead in the selection of each new group of participating Open Sessions artists, and organize a collaborative event for Open Sessions Artists.

·        Two year program
·        Meetings with the Curators throughout the year
·        Collaborative events with Fellows (closed door)
·        Gallery installations
·        Artist-led public programs
·        Main Gallery exhibition


Applications can be submitted one of two ways:
·          Upload your images to, and send them to (go to to set up a free account)
·          Via post to The Drawing Center, Open Sessions, 35 Wooster Street, NYC, NY 10013

 Submission Materials:

·          Ten images (Images should not exceed 5.0 MB per image; ideal file size should be less than 1MB)
·          Image caption document (include the title, dimensions, medium, and date for each image)
·          Resume (include email and website address, if applicable)
·          Proposal: What theme provides context for your work, clarifies or adds depth to your thinking and/or elucidates your formal approach? If you were to organize a public event (a panel discussion, group exhibition, performance, etc.) around this theme, who or what would it include? Proposals should be included on a Word or other text document, and should not exceed 150 words. Please indicate if you are or were a Viewing Program member.

·          If you are mailing your materials, clearly label your drive or disc with your name.

Instructions for Dropbox submission:
Go to
Set up a free account with username and password
Upload your materials
Click the “share” link to share the materials with
We will email you to confirm your submission.

Please read the above information carefully, and feel free to submit via postal mail if you are not comfortable with Dropbox. Email 
opensessions@drawingcenter.orgwith questions that are not answered above.

Applications are due by Friday, November 1

The Drawing Center is the only not-for-profit fine arts institution in the country to focus solely on the exhibition of drawings, both historical and contemporary. It was established in 1977 to provide opportunities for emerging and under-recognized artists; to demonstrate the significance and diversity of drawings throughout history; and to stimulate public dialogue on issues of art and culture.