Thursday, January 22, 2015

Commission Opportunity

NYC preservation architect in search of an artist who paints in the style of the Ashcan School.  The painting(s) will occupy a lake lodge that is being preserved to match the time period and aesthetic of a community of lake houses built in the 1930s near Cold Spring, NY.  The subject will consist of a busy lake scene with boats, swimmers, people on the beach, the mountains and the diving dock.

We are also in search of an artist who can paint in the Hudson River / American Pre Raphaelite style of painting (William Trost Richards is his preferred example).  The subject matter is based on photographs of the surrounding area (Cold Spring, NY) which we would provide.  

How to Apply
Interested painters should provide a resume and 3-5 jpeg samples of work that specifically represents the Ashcan School style or Hudson River / American Pre Raphaelite style.  Application materials should be emailed to Please reference either the “Ashcan School”  or “Hudson River / American Pre Raphaelite style” in the subject line of the email.