Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ashkal Alwan - The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts Home Workspace Program 2012-13

Call for applications for annual, interdisciplinary arts program

The HWP is an annual, interdisciplinary arts program launched by
Ashkal Alwan in 2011. The program targets emerging artists who wish to
develop their formal, historical, and critical skills and practice in
a supportive environment in Beirut.

Each edition or class of the HWP runs for 10 months, led by a
different Resident Professor (RP) each year and admitting
approximately 15 participants. HWP 2012-13 with Resident Professor
Matthias Lilienthal.

Part academic, part practice-based, the curriculum consists of
lectures, workshops and seminars by the RP and other leading local and
international artists, writers, thinkers, filmmakers, curators, etc.

In addition to the curriculum, participants also benefit from a
support-network of individuals, professionals, venues and resources
around Beirut and elsewhere in Lebanon.

Participants are expected to reside in Beirut for 10 months with
limited outside engagements, to participate actively in the various
activities initiated by the RP and other visiting professors, and to
develop and produce a project.

The HWP 2012-13 starts in October 2012.

The HWP is NOT a residency program. Although non-degree granting, HWP
closely resembles a study program at the post-graduate level.