Wednesday, February 22, 2012


·         Indiewalls is changing the way people think about buying art. We are finding exhibition opportunities for local artists in high-end venues within New York City, and have created a platform from which it is easy to coordinate shows, browse through art currently in exhibition, and purchase the art safely. Currently we have 130 artists registered on the site with about 30 venues that are looking for a rotating collection of artworks. Every artist is selected by our curators through an application process and our venues as well are chosen according to our standards of quality and by the amount of foot traffic they receive. Every venue we work with has insurance, and we have insurance as well- so your work is protected. Shows last about 2 months each and nearly all of them are solo shows. This is a great opportunity to gain exposure and possibly business. Once you have a show, you are still eligible to have another. The exhibitions are determined by the venues themselves, and if they really like your work- you may have multiple solo shows in one year. We would love for you to register as a new artist onto and submit your best, original art. Everything must be able to hang on a wall. It can be 3-dimensional, however it is suggested that you don't submit anything too fragile and again only work that can be safely hung on a wall. Send any questions to or specific questions to sabrina wirth, curator at