Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spinnerei in Leipzig, Germany - Residency

From Candace Goodrich (MFA 2007)

Call for applications for a unique residency project, new to the Spinnerei in Leipzig, Germany, The alumni of the New York Academy of Art are invited to participate in a thematic exhibition-focused residency program housed in Halle 14,, alongside prominent Croatian artists from the Croatian Artist Association, Three American artists are invited at a time and will be expected to create some of their works based on the theme of "One Sided Story" alongside three Croatian artists in a 243 square meter atelier in Halle 14. The project will run for only one year, the residency begins April 28th, during the Spring Rundgang. The first artists to arrive will be introduced to the Leipzig public and art community during this weekend and will begin their residency session on May 1. Alumni are invited to participate from 2 to 5 months. All artists will exhibit during the Spinnerei Rundgang, and have the opportunity to have an open critique with Leipzig artists, gallerists, curators, and professors.

The Spinnerei was at one time the biggest cotton spinning mill in continental Europe. Over the past 10 years it has grown into an artist community housing top tier galleries, residencies, project spaces, and private ateliers. The Rundgang takes place three times a year, in late April, mid-September, and mid-January. The entire art complex swings open its doors to more than 15,000 visitors and collectors from around the world that flock to Leipzig for the gallery weekend.

There will be a publication at the end of the project and selected works will then be sent to Zagreb, Croatia for a museum exhibition at the Meštrovićev paviljon. In addition to the selected works, three Leipzig painters, three Leipzig video artists, and three Leipzig photographers will also exhibit. The cost of the residency project is 250 euro per month per artist. The atelier is a work-only space, however housing can be arranged. On average a flatshare costs 200 euro per month per person. Selection of artists will be made by the NYAA and the director of the residency, alumna Candace Goodrich, so please send your cv and portfolio or website to the attention of Peter Drake, John Jacobsmeyer, and Candace Goodrich.
*Direct all questions to Candace Goodrich, directory of Residency
Application Details:

1. Review of submissions begins Feb.20th
2. Please include your preferred dates and length of stay (2-5months after May 1 2012 and no later than April 30 2013)
3. Send your digital CV, website URL or portfolio of no more than 5 jpegs (total size under 4MB) simultaneously to John Jacobsmeyer, Peter Drake and Candace Goodrich
4. Candidates will be juried based on quality of work and ability to finance the full duration of their stay.