Monday, February 6, 2012

Urban Outfitters Display Artist

Urban Outfitters - Manhasset, NY
See original job posting at Urban Outfitters » TITLE: DISPLAY ARTIST REPORTS TO: Store Merchandiser

To set the highest standard possible for visual excellence to create an environment that is creative, dynamic and entertaining for our customers.

Candidates must have a strong artistic background including a fine arts, design or architectural background. A completed professional portfolio should be submitted if applicable.

Display Artist candidates must also possess:
  • Ability to develop three-dimensional work, installation capabilities, and possess excellent construction craftsmanship skills
  • Experience with building and a proficiency in power tool usage
  • Talent and interest in artwork, painting and paper hanging
Urban Outfitters develops and remains creative by one person's idea that is shared. Great ideas frequently come from the Display Artists in our stores: they are the foundation of the creative process and they are the pioneers in developing the Urban environment. It is essential that Display Artists share their ideas so that we as a company can continuously foster an environment of 'peers teaching peers'.

Display Artists are eligible to receive a quarterly bonus by achieving the quarterly sales goal and through the submission of creative layouts with an accompanying submission cover sheet. Submissions will be evaluated based upon the level of innovation and creativity applied to company direction and the Display Artist's contribution to creating unique and distinctive store environments. The bonus is based on the employee's annual salary, and is payable on a quarterly basis.

  • Actively seek outside inspiration and apply personal talent to develop and contribute unique perspectives to the overall display concept
  • Interpret Company direction and updates to ensure displays create an artistic, visionary and unique environment that has a positive impact on sales
  • Ensure excellent craftsmanship throughout all windows and displays
  • Utilize seasonal books to interpret the inspiration of the floor set by using knowledge of the customer and location while infusing personal artistic and cultural interests
  • Promote the Urban philosophy of 'peers teaching peers' by sharing skills and achievements as well as knowledge of contemporary art, music and culture
  • Mentor staff by training visual expectations, operational standards and materials/tool management
  • Identify and develop team members to assist in display projects and seasonal set-ups
  • Attend daily meetings and share inspiration, new ideas and pertinent information from the Home Office with the store team
  • Communicate new inspiration to the Home Office through good idea sheets and photo layouts
  • Consistently collaborate with the Store Merchandiser which results in innovative and timely project execution
  • Prioritize and plan projects to ensure that the customer experience is not inhibited
  • Keep work areas organized and clean, with an emphasis on customer and employee safety
  • Ensure safety standards are upheld in the store in terms of displays and materials/tool management
  • Maintain an organized display room, signage storage area and fixture room
  • Support sales generation by creating an environment that highlights the appearance of the product and reflects the customer's lifestyle and interests
  • Ensure display budgets are met and complete expense-reporting requirements accurately and on time
  • Efficiently utilize all display materials, including adaptations from recycled displays
  • Assist in achieving the store shrinkage goal by ensuring that all merchandise used for display is properly handled and accounted for at all times