Monday, July 23, 2012

Addo - Pontypool Artist in Residence

Call for applications:

We are inviting applications from artists with a collaborative/participative approach to undertake a residency in Pontypool that will draw out and address issues of physical, social, cultural, and environmental connectivity across Pontypool and between Pontypool and its surrounding area. This will involve considering the links between communities, the exploration of cultural tensions, and the relationship between the urban and the rural presented by Pontypool’s heritage landscape. Taking place from August 2012 to January 2013, the residency will act as a pilot project for the Arts Council of Wales╩╝ Residency Programme and will be an integral part of an Arts and Humanities Research Council Networking Grant funded research project called In-between: Cultural Regeneration in Market Towns, being led by Intersections (a research unit based at Newcastle University), which is examining how participative public arts and artists╩╝ practice may impact on the communities, identities and economies of market towns – working with Pontypool in South Wales, Dumfries in South West Scotland and Hexham in North East England.

This opportunity is open to UK and International Artists.
Applicants must demonstrate:
• Creative originality and professionalism in their work
• The ability and desire to work collaboratively with the public and other partners as part of their creative practice
• A willingness to immerse themselves in the life and culture of the area
• An understanding of the issues of connectivity (and the paradoxical tensions) inherent within regeneration schemes and partnership working
• A critical awareness of the roles that artists and cultural activity may/may not play in the regeneration of urban areas
• The artist must be aware of and abide by the laws for working with children and vulnerable adults, should they undertake such work as part of the residency. In the event of manufacture/installation of artworks by the artist, the artist must demonstrate current and appropriate indemnity insurance relevant to the artist in person and to any object/s to be manufactured.