Monday, July 23, 2012

FLACC - Residency Programme at FLACC Workplace

Open call for visual artists in various media and disciplines

FLACC is a workplace for visual artists and creates the conceptual, organizational and technical conditions for realizing unique artist projects. Every year, FLACC selects ten artists to set up a new project. In each annual selection, FLACC aims to strike a balance between national and international artists, between beginners and artists with experience, between autonomous art and/or research projects and artists that deal in more concrete terms with the historical, geographical or social context of the workplace.

FLACC has metal and woodworking workshops, a digital studio (film and photography), and a foundry with a furnace and kilns for ceramics, bronze and glass applications, and an extensive workspace. The staff is knowledgeable about the production possibilities of nearby workplaces and collaborates with those workplaces and with schools and companies to give the artists the best possible support and assistance.

The call is open for all visual artists. Due to the diversity of our workshops, the application is open for projects in various media and disciplines. Projects with a notice of the specific geographical, cultural,
social or historical situation of FLACC (or Genk/Belgium), challenging the notion of a ´workplace´ or with the specific technical possibilities of FLACC are preferable. The work period is three-month full time or around 90 days, divided in several smaller work periods between January 2014 and December 2014. FLACC offers an accommodation, a workplace, covered travel expenses as well as a small production budget.

Application procedure
Please use our aapplication form for your application. The application should include a well-defined project proposal, a thoroughly calculated budget (download excel sheet), a preferable time frame and your resume (text and images and/or video).

More info about the procedure can be found in the application form.

Luuk Nouwen and Sarah Indeherberge
André Dumontlaan 2
B-3600 Genk
tel: 32 (0)89 84 52 23
fax: 32 (0)89 84 52 24