Thursday, January 30, 2014

Book Illustration

My employer is looking for an illustrator for a book she would like to give her husband for a wedding present.  The book will consists of a list of 50 reasons why she loves him.  Not every item on the list would need to be illustrated.  She is looking for someone who also has graphic design skills to do the layout out the book and also design the cover.  Eventually she will have it printed and bound.  If she finds the right person, this could be continuous as she plans on making more books as the years go by. She is fond of some of the illustrations by Victoria Ball.  She likes playful and magical drawings with a little bit of whimsy.  She also likes some of the work by Greg Becker, Stefanie Clemen and Paul Daviz. She is very detailed and specific so this person will need to be someone who is able to make changes throughout the process together.  This book means a lot to her and she wants it to be really special. Here is a list of a few of the items she would like illustrated: You spend hours in the bath. Your secret harmonica-playing talent. Because you can’t stop buying fleece vests. You are a mischievous rascal. You’re incredibly ticklish. Your bouts of sporadic vegetarianism. You’re affectionate. You hold my hand in public. You like spicy food too. Your extensive collection of reading glasses. Email me with their resume and a few examples of work.  My employer would like to get this projects started right away.  Stephanie Rosenberg