Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Call for Artists - Rising Hudson Galleries

Entry Deadline: 3/1/14
Artists are encouraged to apply early, as galleries will be organized prior to 3/1.

Location: New York, NY Opportunity

Overview: We are seeking talented up-and-coming artists to feature in our 2014 gallery campaign. If selected, these artists will also be featured on our website and in associated social media. Our mission is to help the world discover bright young talent. All talented backgrounds are encouraged to apply – including fine arts, conceptual arts, electronic media, photography, and sculpture backgrounds – as we will be hosting different galleries for different styles and mediums.

Background: Rising Hudson is a newly formed start-up striving to shed light on the brightest up-and coming artists, providing them with fresh gallery opportunities and connecting them with excited audiences, collectors, investors, consumers, and designers.

How to Apply: Please send all artwork submissions – preferably inclusive of a CV/biography and pictures of your work – to robert.edward.oconnell@gmail.com.