Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Gabriel Prize Call for Entries

The Western European Architecture Foundation is pleased to announce the twenty-fifth annual Gabriel Prize competition named in honor of French architect Jacques Gabriel (1698-1782). The prize is conferred annually to a jury-selected applicant in accordance with requirements intended to provoke personal, critical responses to architectural compositions in France built between 1630 and 1930. Such interpretative studies are to be graphically recorded in freehand sketches and presented in perspective drawings reflecting the skill of the winner. Such work is to be executed in France with the advice and under the supervision of the European Representative of the Foundation.

Eligibility: The candidate must be a United States citizen.
Stipend: A stipend in the amount of $20,000 is intended to cover costs of travel and study for a period of three months to take place roughly between May 1 and August 1, 2015, a time when prevailing climate and conditions in France are the best.
Procedures: Applications may be obtained through the foundation’s website or by contacting the foundation no later than January 16, 2015.