Monday, March 9, 2015

Rise Art - Open Call

Rise Art is a social community for artists to build a dedicated following around their practice, while collectors to view and collect that work. 
We are now accepting submissions to become one of our featured artists - including the opportunity to exhibit and sell your work online, in London and the USA.  Interested artists can participate free of charge at:
The rolling submission is open to all contemporary artists.  Submit your artwork directly to the website and then engage directly with the Rise Art community and collector base.  Rise Art provides social tools, event listings, and interactive features that can drive your awareness and support your practice.
Each month, the Rise Art Insiders select artists across the site to have their work featured and sold on the platform.  Artists’ works are sold and promoted alongside established artists including Bruce McLean, Tracey Emin, Gavin Turk and Sir Peter Blake amongst others. Featured artists are also supported in exhibitions and commissioned for art projects and installations.
Designed to showcase, rent and sell great contemporary art from both established artists and emerging talents, enables art lovers to find and buy artworks they love, discover new artists and obtain personalised recommendations from art insiders.
Learn more about Rise Art by visiting, or contact Rise Art at with any questions.